Tamiya RX-7 Rescue/Rebuild, Part II

After the initial coat of primer, I discovered some etching in numerous spots along the RX-7’s body.  I assume it was caused by whatever paint was used on the car initially.  So, after a second coat of primer, and some strategic sanding, this is the result.  The low spots around the back window, indicated by the presence of primer spots, were created by the glue used by the previous builder.  The spoiler will cover these spots, so I’m not too worried.  My plan is to actually attach the spoiler with a combination of styrene cement and pins (created by fine wire, probably. The pencil marks show the outline of the spoiler).   I vaguely recall seeing one of these with a hole in the spoiler for the antenna, so that’s how I’m going to build this one.  And so … round 2 of prime and sand is shown below:

prime2-1 prime2-2prime2-3

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