Tamiya RX-7 Rescue/Rebuild Part III

We have paint!  After several rounds of primer and sanding, it was time to paint.  The car was primed in Tamiya primer, followed by Tamiya TS-17 Gloss Aluminum.  I misted several coats of the silver on the car, and I had to sand between coats.  Eventually, I was able to lay on heavier coats for coverage.  I painted the headlight doors and moonroof at the same time, so that the silver would be consistent.  Nearing completion, I discovered the hood had some strange swirls – I thought I was careful to sand without skipping grades when doing the body preparation work, so I don’t know what caused that.  I sanded and resprayed that area. Amazingly, I seem to have consistency between all parts. 

This is what we have – straight from the spray booth without polishing or clear.  Hopefully, painting the black trimwork will set off the silver nicely.  I’m now thinking of painting the spoiler semigloss black, partly in an effort to hide it’s suspect fit around the tail of the car, and partly because I’ve seen several vintage RX-7’s with this piece in black.  Plus, the mirrors will likely be black, so that may tie it all together. 

You may notice that I eliminated the emblems.  This particular kit has nicely engraved emblems on it, if you are building straight from the box.  Since I was rescuing this one, naturally there was damage to contend with around one emblem – so I removed them all.   I may venture into making my own decals to replace the lost emblems.  To be continued …

painted-1 painted-2 painted-3 painted-4

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